Welcome to The River Revival Network!

The River is both a network and a fellowship, supported by apostolic resources to: train, equip, empower, license, ordain and release significant men and women in building the Spirit-filled 21st Century church and extending the Kingdom of God.


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The River Is...

The River is a Spirit-Filled Network of Christian ministers, actively empowering each other. We are a fellowship: encouraging one another, making room for conversations, seeking to know, and be known, valueing open-hearted relationship above doctrinal agreement and strategizing for regional, national and worldwide impact. Established in 1998, we are not a group that gives permission slips for people to become ministers of Christ.  We recognize and affirm the Call on a life. We are a loving family that creates momentum for each other to see dreams become reality.  Like Jesus and the disciples in Mark 3:14, we see that preaching the Gospel is always the extension of relationship.