You are not in the Kingdom by accident or coincidence

You didn’t just happen to hear the Gospel or just happen to be at the right place at the right time. God has a plan for your life. He has a world-changing destiny for you with eternal Kingdom purpose! God created us with a deep desire to live an abundant life that makes a difference, that impacts nations, history, at least our own families.

God gave you that desire!

Don’t let anyone tell you that it is wrong to want to be a history maker or live a life of miracles, that it’s not for you, that you don’t qualify.

  • You have already been qualified by Jesus. He paid the price for your qualification.
  • And He created you and redeemed you to share an incredible, abundant life of supernatural encounters!
  • His word is full of pictures and stories of ordinary people–just like you and me–who change history.

The Christian walk is a faith walk! God doesn’t always reveal His perfect will and allow us to see the destiny that He has set in place for our lives. He asks us to trust Him and take a leap of faith, allowing Him to guide our every step until we come to the end. We must stop to realize that God never allows anything into our lives by accident but that every circumstance that we face is there for a greater purpose than we can see at the moment.

Throughout the Bible we can see people facing a defining moment in their life – whether or not they are going to BELIEVE God. Some are big…

  • David & Goliath,
  • Noah & the Ark,
  • Moses leading God’s people out of Egypt,
  • Joshua & Jericho

Some seemed small at the time…

the boy with the small lunch that Jesus used to feed the 5000,

the women with the bottle of perfume that anointed Jesus,
 the women at the well that led a revival in her town, a tax collector who climbed a tree to see better and caught the attention of Jesus


These moments are the legacy of these people – these were the defining moments of their lives.

You Can Make A Difference in THE world

 — but, you can’t make a difference in the world until you first make a difference in your world!!

God has a ministry for your life and somewhere in that ministry you will have a chance, a time, an hour, a defining moment, a such a time as this. Where will you be, what will you be doing at your “such a time as this”?

For such a time as this God has brought us to where we are now!
For such a time as this – there are souls to be saved in the work place.
For such a time as this – there are many in our family who do not know God
For such a time as this – God is calling men, women, and young people, all of His people to work in the fields and harvest souls for the Kingdom of God.
For such a time as this – God has prepared you

Will you be faithful?
Will you be ready?

Lindy & I love and believe in you!
Papa Rich

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